Freedom Voice

Freedom Voice is an excellent choice to answer your phone, screen your calls and find you.  It also converts voice mail into text and sends a copy to your email so you can read it or listen to it.

You will get 30-days free service when you let them know you were referred by Michael Metcalf / Voice Assist.

You can also port your Voice Assist number over to them.

For complete instructions on how to subscribe to the new service or port your Voice Assist number please click here.

For a list of features, please click here.

After 30-days free, then service prices are as follows:

Voice Assist Service is no longer available.

Please click the link below to connect with the new service provider.

We will glady re-record your greeting with the same voice you have come to know and love.  Please contact us if you need further assistance.


Michael Metcalf

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