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Led by our founder, Michael Metcalf, Voice Assist has an award winning team that has won 25 top industry awards and 5 Product of the Year awards.

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Beats SIRI & S Voice Saved my life a few times already while driving and sending txts and emails. Not perfect but works well most of the time. Recognition is excellent, new releases should improve functionality. Bernardo Arroyo

Awesome This thing is incredible I totally love it Had a little difficulty setting it up at first But after visiting the voice assist website I'm putting in all my correct information It's working just as they said it would I'm telling all my friends about it

Google User

I love this new app. Wow, this app. installed very quickly and easy. I have been using it all day, and really like it. I used the app. information on the phone to learn how to use the app. better, and answer any questions. I used it in the car today while traveling for about two hours, and it really worked well. I really liked having my E-mail read to me, and then being able to reply. Love this app. Google user.

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