White Label Solution

Telecom resellers can rebrand our products and services or bundle our voice features with existing services.

Safe Driving Application

Small Business Solution‚Äč

Make your small business sound like a big company.  Provide one call access to a virtual assistant to help all staff be more productive.

Small Business Clients

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We can help define the marketing requirements, write the technical specifications, design the wireframes, create the optimal architecture, write the code, deploy alpha and beta versions, work with user groups, bug track, bug fix, enhance, improve, control quality assurance, develop marketing plans, create product positioning and help launch the next award winning product or service.

If you can dream it, we can build it.  Ask us how we can build the next thing for you.

Our history & founder

Our Founder, Michael Metcalf is a well known leader in the telecom industry with 25 top industry awards and 5 Product of the Year awards.  Mr. Metcalf previously formed TelWest in 1988 which became the largest privately owned interconnect in Southern California. Subsequently Mr. Metcalf formed Sound Advantage in 1997 which built and patented the first speech activated call processing system.  Mr. Metcalf lead a team of engineers and worked with Bell Labs to create a a large scale carrier class speech platform.  The company was valued over $350m in 2000.  Mr. Metcalf subsequently formed SpeechPhone in 2002 which became the first voice activated enhanced telephone service provider in the U.S.  Mr. Metcalf began focusing on solving the distracted driving problem in 2009 and was granted a patent for 2-way handsfree texting in late 2013.  Mr. Metcalf continues to invent new technology and is a thought leader, public speaker and published author.  

Our mission and goals

Private Label Resellers

Distracted Driving Solution

Keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.  Comply with distracted driving laws by voice.

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Want to build the next big thing?

We're on a mission to unlock the power of the phone through human voice.

We believe that we can reduce accidents, save lives and help people be more productive at work, while driving and on the go.

"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original shape" Albert Einstein