Stay productive while driving.                             Listen to email & voice mail & reply fast.

Make your business more professional

  • We'll answer your main business number with a friendly professional greeting 24/7
  • We'll screen your callers and place them on hold to listen to music while we find you or your staff
  • We'll tell you who's calling so you can accept important callers and screen out callers who want to waste your time.

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Get voice mail messages transcribed

  • We'll transcribe your voice mail messages and send them to your email.
  • You can quickly view voice mail messages and read what they are about in order to prioritize your response.
  • We even append the caller ID to the subject line so you can call back quickly without writing down the number.

Work safely while driving

  • Just call our virtual assistant using a handsfree speakerphone or headset in the car.
  • Ask our assistant to read your email, play your voice mail or dial anyone by name - while driving.
  • You can interrupt messages by voice at any time to skip, repeat or reply.
  • Dictate replies by voice and our assistant will repeat the transcription so you can confirm its accuracy.

Never miss an important message.

Keep your mobile number private

  • We assign our clients local or toll free numbers to use for business.
  • This allows clients to keep their mobile phone number private.
  • Clients can receive and make calls using the Voice Assist number assigned to keep their identity strickly business.

Never miss an important call.                           Never take an unwanted call.