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voice assist is on a mission to prevent distracted driving

Voice Assist is on a mission to prevent distracted driving by helping drivers keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road not on their mobile phones.

We build mobile apps and provide cloud based services that work together to

help people use voice commands while driving.

Unlike our competitors like Apple SIRI and Google Now, we provide a continuous

voice connection while driving.  This enables drivers to say a command, complete

a task and then say another command (task after task) without pressing buttons.

Drivers can text, email, tweet, post or dial task after task - handsfree.

​Drivers can barge-in and talk over the prompts to get more done - fast.

warning very graphic requires age verification

Watch videos to help understand the problem

lets prevent accidents & save lives

Let's face the facts. Distracted Driving is a serious problem and we have to take proactive action to make a difference.

Our Investors support our cause to help save lives.
Our marketing partners want to prevent accidents and help families.
Responsible businesses help employees comply with distracted driving laws.
Insurance companies want to reduce claims and help drivers drive safer.
Sales agents, authorized dealers and resellers are excited to help solve the distract driving problem

How about you?

Please activate an account on your phone today and tell a friend or family member to do the same.

Because friends & family don't let friends & family drive distracted

     About voice assist

Distracted driving is a massive problem.

U.S. Statistics

440,000 accidents per year

3,700 fatalities per year

23 times more dangerous than drinking and driving

48 billion dollars of damages every year

Put the phone down while your're driving.  Don't hold the phone in your hand and then look down to interact with it.

You can install our software which will POP up a safety screen when you driver over 10 mph.

You can tap anywhere on the screen to get connected to Voice Assist.

Our safety screen can pop up when you drive over 10 mph

this is designed to discourage manual interaction (see & touch)

it also reminds you to drive safe (audio safe driving reminder).

Just use voice commands to comply with distracted driving laws.

Comply with distracted driving laws