Key executives can be empowered to leave group broadcast message.

Depending on the class of service assigned, key executives can make a single call, leave a message and say the name of the group to broadcast too.

The message can be delivered by email, text messaging and/or voice mail.

Instant transcription service can also be used transcribe the message into text and send the message to all mobile phones via SMS instantly.

When you need to get the important messages out to a large group, nothing works better or faster than Voice Assist.

Large business clients can improve communications using a single number to connect all staff members regardless of their handset type, service provider or current location.

Staff members can be located anywhere in the world and use any handset.

Coworkers can call a single number and say the name or keyword required to find and get connected to any corporate resources worldwide.

global Voice directory

Say the name of any person or department

One Number

connects all staff members globally

message broadcasting

one call can broadcast a message to all staff members or any department or group

Large business communications

get connected - fast

No need to look up numbers or dial

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Disaster recovery

Corporate telephone systems can be programmed to call forward calls upon no answer, busy or in the event of a disaster.

When the power fails, or buildings collapse or staff doesn't show up.

Your corporate communication system will remain 100% operational as all calls get forwarded to your global virtual office.  All calls will be answered on the first ring with a professional greeting with callers prompted to say the name of the person or department they wish to speak with ...

Callers get connected to staff members using mobile phones, voip phones, landlines, Skype and more.