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This is a Virtual Office App and a cloud based subscription.

$75 activation fee plus $34.95 per month

  • Dedicated local or toll free business number
  • Professional answering service (virtual receptionist)
  • Call screening
  • Music on hold or promotions on hold (optional)
  • Find me / Follow me (up to 5 numbers)
  • Voice mail with transcription into text and delivery by SMS & email
  • Voice Announce Caller ID
  • Accept or Reject callers by Voice
  • Pick up Voice Mail & Call Back by Voice
  • Block calls into Voice Mail (do not disturb)
  • One touch speed dial on any phone or one touch screen POP with iPhone
  • Sync's contacts from the iPhone to the Cloud
  • Integrates email, Facebook & Twitter
  • Use Voice Commands to answer, accept, reject, get voice mail, call back, text, email, tweet, post or dial
  • ‚ÄčAutoConfirm dictation (converts voice into texts & reads back to confirm)

Products & pricing

$75 activation + $34.95 = $109.95 (initial charge)

virtual office service

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